You’ve found QC Social Dancing!

New Year, New Classes!
January is a big time for classes! We have classes at the Silver Spur, the Institute of Therapeutic Massage, CASI, and the Arsenal beginning January 12th.

MONDAYS (Institute*):
1/12-2/9 6:30 ChaCha Class
1/12-2/9 7:30 Salsa Class
2/16-3/16 6:30 Nightclub Twostep Class
2/16-3/16 7:30 Bachata Class
*1730 Wilkes Ave – Davenport

1/13-2/10 3:30 Swing Class
2/17-3/17 3:30 Lindy Class
*1035 W. Kimberly Rd. – Davenport

TUESDAYS (Silver Spur*):
1/13-2/10 6:00 Swing Class
2/17-3/17 6:00 Lindy Class
all Tuesdays 9:00 Free Swing Dance
*1230 15th Ave – East Moline

THURSDAYS (Arsenal*):
1/15-2/19 7:00 Salsa Class
*Building 60

FRIDAYS (Silver Spur*):
1/16-2/13 6:00 West Coast Class
*1230 15th Ave – East Moline

Classes at the Institute and Silver Spur are $6 each, or you can get all five weeks for $25

Classes at CASI are $6 (save by doing $25 for 5 weeks) for members or $8 (save by doing $35 for 5 weeks) for non-members

Classes at the Arsenal are $8, or $35 for 6 weeks ($60 couple)

Island Dance

This is our annual Winter Dance, and we’ll bringing back the tropics for a little escape from the cold.

WHEN: January 24th, 7:00-10:00
WHERE: Silver Spur Dance Hall
WHAT: Ballroom Music, Giveaways, Snacks

Come join us for our first big event of the year. Hawaiian shirts welcome.

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